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Whitehouse Cox has been making leather goods since 1875, and we think we know just how to make the best Hand Made Leather Goods. We have decades of knowledge and experience which has been passed down through the years to today’s work force. Making our products in England is important to us.

Most of our leathers are natural vegetable tanned leathers, and we also have some very special hand finished leathers. Our leather comes mainly from England. Where possible we try to source our components from UK companies.

What makes Whitehouse Cox stand out from other brands is our commitment to source only the very best quality raw materials, and combine these with the hand crafted manufacturing skills of our 140 years experience. Generations of passion, and a drive for perfection has kept Whitehouse Cox producing Hand Made in England products. Our natural Bridle leather is a sensuous material which is both appealing to the touch and to the eyes. We have this made specially for us in England. With continued use and love, the leather ages and combines both luxury and functionality giving a long lasting beautiful item. A truly hand crafted Made in England product.

Here at Whitehouse Cox we take the best of everything. The best leather, the best components and the skills of the best craftsmen and women and then we make the best leather goods. We pride ourselves on doing things here that other people cannot do, and we take no shortcuts. We only want to produce the best.

Sometimes we are asked how long one of our products will last. We can say an average of 9-10 years of daily use and we have seen many of our products become more meaningful as they take on the characteristics of the owners lifestyle, ageing gracefully and burnishing and darkening in colour over the years. Every single person that buys from Whitehouse Cox is a valued customer and we always say if you are not completely satisfied with any item please return it to us and we will do what we can to put it right.

There is an increasing demand for our products because of the fine quality and the time-consuming hand work involved in every Whitehouse Cox item. Our collection and the processes used to make them are timeless and many years ago it was said of a luxury product “that the quality will be appreciated long after the price is forgotten. This holds true today.Proudly Handmade in England since 1875.

Proudly still
Hand Made in England

Making in England for over a hundred years.
Beautiful Vegetable tanned leathers.
Proudly Hand Made in England.

Good quality
Small Leather Goods

Each item will have been lovingly made by
no less than seven people all giving their
passion and love and skill to your item.

Beautiful ageing

At Whitehouse Cox we use many beautiful leathers for our collection. The majority of our leathers are natural leathers that all age beautifully.

One of our signature leathers is English Bridle Leather. This leather is ‘finished’ in England. By this we mean it is lovingly hand coloured and goes through an intensive process of staining and waxing. Many coats of wax are applied to our Bridle Leather to “feed” the leather, in the same way the leather would be treated for Equestrian Saddles and Bridles.

The wax is then left for a long time to penetrate into the leather so the leather absorbs the wax naturally. We describe this as our “drying “process.

When one of our products is purchased and if the store have left it ‘unbrushed’, it could appear to have a slight white coating, this is the precious wax. However when the owner starts to use it, the warmth of the owner’s hand and slight friction of skin rubbing against the leather will cause the wax to penetrate deeper into the leather. In time, and with daily use, each wallet, purse or notecase will take on the most wonderful aged lustre and become a unique piece loved by its owner. Many stores have time to brush up the leather goods but sometimes they do not, either way the precious wax is in each and every one of our products.

This is the same for all our Whitehouse Cox Bridle Leather Belts.

For this reason Whitehouse Cox offer a restoration service for all our small leather goods and belts bought from our web site because many owners simply do not want to part with their beloved aged item that has become unique to them. We have had some belts returned to us over 20 years old with a request to restitch a buckle because the owner does not want to part with their belt.

Of course we recommend to each of our customers to buy several pieces to use along side each other so they all take on an individual character and the owner can have an on going Whitehouse Cox collection of special aged pieces.

We can say with confidence “Each Whitehouse Cox piece will be unique”


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West Midlands WS9 8BZ

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