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Turning forty by no means indicates it is time to hang up your style. In fact, this is the perfect time to refresh and re-energise your clothing collection. Discover how with our cohesive guide and learn the do’s and don’ts of dressing fabulously over forty. 

You’re still young at forty.

In fact, your age is only relative to the mindset you have. As the delightfully intelligent Yoko Ono so eloquently put it:


“Some people are old at 18 and some are young at 90. Time is a concept that humans created.”


However, just because you can still be as full of life as you were twenty years ago, it does not mean that everything should stay the same.

One such change comes in the form of fashion.

Your style – and the needs you have from the clothes and accessories you buy – has probably changed a fair bit over the years.

Turning forty ushers in a new era where you can re-invent your wardrobe and let your clothes reflect the glamorous woman you are.

If you need some style inspiration, here are 10 tips for fashion-forward women over forty, straight from the experts at Whitehouse Cox.

1) Opt for Midi Lengths

By the age of forty, it is probably time to ditch the mini-skirts and go for something with a little more length.

Midi-skirts and midi-dresses are incredibly flattering and not at all frumpy.

2) Wear the Jeans

Head to a shop that has a wide range of jeans, in a variety of different shapes and colours, and go to town trying them on.

From cropped to bootleg, light blue to black – turning forty does not mean you cannot wear jeans anymore, just find the pair that’s perfect for your figure and style.

Mountbatten holdall for ladies

3) Ditch Cute

Now is the time to dress like the chic lady you are.

Ditch the cute bows, pink flowers and Mary Janes.

Opt for sophistication and glamour – it will make you look far better than trying to emanate youth with little girl styles!

4) Shorts

Just because you are forty does not mean you cannot wear shorts.

Of course you can!

But, avoid those extremely tight, very short styles that the youth of today prefer to wear.

5) Leather Accessories

Nothing looks more sophisticated than a collection of matching leather accessories.

A quality purse, such as our Whitehouse Cox zip-round purse, is undeniably stylish and shows you’re a lady who loves quality.

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6) Silk Scarves

A bright, silk scarf with a chic design can inject some of that youthful vibrancy into an outfit without looking out of place.

It’s a glamorous look that ladies have been sporting for decades, and we are not going to stop anytime soon!

7) Kitten Heels Over Stilettos

Once you reach forty, you might not feel so inclined to teeter about on stilettos all day every day.

We definitely do not blame you for that.

Instead, opt for the elegant and more comfortable kitten heel.

It will give you an air of sophistication without the trouble of high-heels.

8) Gold Jewellery

There is something oh-so-elegant about a collection of all-gold jewellery.

Rings, necklaces, earrings and a watch – co-ordinate what you wear and feel glamorous 24/7.

9) Re-Evaluate Your Wardrobe

Go over your wardrobe with a critical eye and bring in a second opinion from an honest friend.

There will be some things in your wardrobe that just do not flatter you the way they used to – and that is okay!

Chuck these out and use it as an excuse for an extravagant shopping trip.

10) Wear Everything with Confidence

Just because you are forty does not mean you can no longer be full of radiant confidence.

Get out there and own the world like the glamorous woman you are.

It is the greatest style tip there is!

If you are looking to create a new, chic wardrobe to celebrate entering a new era of your life, take a peek at our Whitehouse Cox ladies collection.

We design the perfect accessories for any glamorous lady.

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