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Style should be important to every gentleman, regardless of age. Discover what you should and shouldn’t have in your wardrobe once you pass forty. 

In the world of how we dress, there are two words that define two different categories of people – those who favour ‘fashion’ and those who favour ‘style’.

For a gentleman who shops at Whitehouse Cox, and particularly one over forty, the latter should be more important.

If you are in search of style past forty then fear not, this guide for gentlemen will help make sure your wardrobe is up to scratch.

Looking for the ladies version of this article? Discover it here.

Visit Your Tailor

The shapes that used to fit you ten years ago might not be doing you any favours now.

To ensure all your suits still flatter your body shape and keep you looking smart, take a trip to your tailor.

He can adjust any ill-fitting areas and make sure they are tailored to perfection.

Invest in Oxford Brogues

If you have yet to own a pair of Oxford brogues, now is the time to invest.

Every stylish gentleman should own both a black and brown pair as they are perfect for both formal and casual events.

Be Careful with Sportswear

Though sportswear is very fashionable at the moment, it does not necessarily scream ‘gentlemen’s style’

Never wear sportswear to a formal event and when you do wear it invest only in quality pieces from reputable designers.

A Classic Timepiece

No gentleman over forty should be without a quality, high-end wristwatch.

Find one that fits with your wardrobe and can be worn with both your suits and dress-down gear.

Luggage Collection

Travelling in style is crucial to any gentleman over forty.

Make sure you have a wardrobe of high-quality, timeless luggage.

If you need some inspiration, take a look at our Mountbatten Holdall, Briefcase and Key Case.

Savile Row Suits

By the age of forty, a gentleman should have at least one high-quality suit in his wardrobe.

The pinnacle of tailored suits comes from the British tailor Savile Row.

Be warned though – once you purchase a suit from Savile Row, all others will seem inferior!

Avoid Cargos

Cargo pants are a definite no.

They may be comfortable and convenient, but they certainly are neither stylish nor sophisticated.

Sunglasses Are Still Okay

Sunglasses are one of the only pieces in a gentleman’s wardrobe that he can have from the age of twenty to sixty without having to change.

You can still rock stylish sunglasses at forty plus – in fact, the older you get the better they look in our opinion!

A Classic Belt

If you have not already got one, or maybe yours is looking a little worse for wear, you need to invest in a quality belt.

The Whitehouse Cox Herringbone Belt is the perfect piece for a man with style and its quality leather will ensure it lasts for years to come.

Evaluate your Wardrobe

By the time you reach forty, you should have a good sense of what you like and don’t like in terms of style.

Your wardrobe should reflect your taste and be filled with garments you will actually wear.

Rifle through your clothes, donate anything you do not wear very often, find the pieces you favour and invest in a few more of these.

If you need to upgrade your accessories now that you are a forty-year-old gentleman, have a browse through our timeless pieces at Whitehouse Cox.

If you have any questions about any of our products, get in touch with our helpful team.

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