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With a number of truly stylish events taking place during the season, autumn and fashion go together seamlessly. Discover a few of Whitehouse Cox’s favourite autumn fashion events in this article.

As the sun dims, leaves begin to fall and our cravings for hot tea dramatically increase, it can only mean one thing; autumn’s on its way. Although we love the unrivalled social season and the sporadic sunny days of the English summer, we’re rather excited to be in autumn.

There’s something about this season that makes everything seem so much more stylish. Perhaps it’s the chance to layer up, the fact that our leather accessories look superb paired with a woollen coat or the multitude of events that take place. Whatever it is, autumn’s an incredibly stylish season.

To celebrate its arrival, we have decided to provide you fashionable folk with a guide to the season’s most stylish events. So read on to discover the best of the autumn fashion events!

London Fashion Week, 15 -19th September

Nothing says ‘stylish’ like London fashion week. Designers and A-list celebrities from across the world descend on the capital for four truly fashionable autumn days.

London Fashion Week is where trends are born and budding designers emerge into the limelight. It’s a must-attend event for anyone who is curious about the latest fashions and you certainly won’t look out of place sporting a Whitehouse Cox product.

London fashion week whitheouse cox

Helsinki Design Week, 7-17th September

The largest design festival in the Nordics takes place in Helsinki during the autumn season each year. A multidisciplinary festival, attendees are treated to the best in class designs from an array of fields from fashion to architecture and urban culture.

As students of fashion will know, a number of the most successful fashion designers of this generation started by studying architecture with many noting the similarities between the industries. So if you’re a student of one type of design, you’re a student of them all.


“fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.” – Coco Chanel


With 250 events taking place across the ten days of Helsinki Design Festival it’s a great place to visit for those with a love for the art of design.

Helsinki Design Week Whitehouse Cox

Who’s Next – The Future of Fashion Program, 8-11th September

Who’s Next is an event those outside the fashion industry might not have heard of. Taking place in Paris from the 8th to the 11th, Who’s Next showcases the Spring/Summer 18 collections of three rising fashion designers.

The event is an intriguing look at emerging fashion talent and it’s worth keeping an eye on it to see what is inspiring and motivating the next generation of fashionistas.

To make sure you’re looking stylish for these autumn events, be sure to view the Whitehouse Cox range. We think they’re perfect for any time of the year, but we’ll let you judge for yourself. 

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