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Discover why the briefcase still reigns as a superior accessory when it comes to functionality and fashion.

The briefcase originated from the leather satchels used by Roman soldiers.

In more recent years, the briefcase has developed into an essential item for any committed businessman, becoming synonymous with power and the economy.

However, it has now become an accessory that can be utilised in both professional and casual settings, by both men and women.

But with ever changing styles, trends, and traditions how has the briefcase survived as an everyday wardrobe staple?

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The briefcase still maintains its practical purpose that the Roman soldiers favoured, it transports the modern age weaponry, such as your laptop, phone, and reusable coffee cup.

The traditional style of the leather briefcase also has the ability to finish off any professional look with beauty and class.

This classical item has been redesigned and adapted by every fashion retailer and designer, creating an abundance of various styles to choose from.

Yet one thing is a given, quality leather items are still undoubtedly timeless.

So what should you look for in a briefcase?

The Practical Aspects of Your Briefcase

As our world has become increasingly digitised, it is more than likely that you carry a laptop or tablet to work rather than an extensive range of physical documentation.

Therefore, it vital that your briefcase has the right dimensions to fit your laptop in, whilst preferably leaving enough room for your other everyday essentials.

Internal and external pockets make organising your other belongings key. An outside compartment  is especially useful for keeping frequently used items close to hand.

A more modern addition to the traditional briefcase is a shoulder strap. This feature can be helpful if you have a longer commute to work or if you simply prefer being a more hands free.

Don’t forget to keep it streamlined. There is nothing worse than a bulky briefcase whilst you battle through the London Underground on your commute.

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The Style Aspects of Your Briefcase

Briefcases come in all shapes and sizes. But what makes a practical briefcase fashionable?

Of course this comes down to personal preference, however you ultimately want something that reflects your personality and style.

Increasingly, bags, holdalls, and briefcases are being created using a wide variety of materials that sometimes take a step back from traditional handcrafted leather.

Nevertheless, quality leather still comes out on top in terms of both style and practicality.

A leather briefcase is an iconic everyday accessory, something that can’t be imitated.

Not only does genuine leather look undoubtedly classy and sophisticated, it also is extremely durable.

Therefore, it is likely that if you opt for a leather briefcase it will withstand the test of time.

Colour is always important when choosing an item that will be a part of your everyday attire.

Keep it traditional with black or brown to suit a more neutral corporate colour palette, or go for something a little more daring to stand out from the crowd.

Red in particular can be a popular shade for a briefcase.

This is because they vaguely symbolise the red dispatch boxes that have been used since 1860 by ministers within the British government.

So whether you are in the market for a new briefcase or have been persuaded to invest in this timeless wardrobe staple, feel free to explore the options we have here at Whitehouse Cox England.

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