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Whitehouse Cox has partnered with New Forest Classic Cars to handcraft stunning luggage that pays due reverence to Jaguar’s iconic E-Type.

Founded in 1922, Jaguar is a British institution whose cars are admired across the world and there’s no model that statement is truer of than the iconic E-Type.

A jewel in Jaguar’s prestigious crown, the E-Type is not only one of Jaguar’s finest creations – it is also widely perceived to be one of the greatest sports cars ever produced.

Even the great Enzo Ferrari referred to it as “the most beautiful car ever made” after its release in 1961. While the E-Type also topped the Daily Telegraph’s countdown of the 100 most beautiful cars of all time.

“The most beautiful car ever made” –Enzo Ferrari

Jaguar E-Type creator New Forest Classic Cars partners with Whitehouse Cox

It’s been over half a century since the E-Type’s release. Yet, as anyone familiar with Whitehouse Cox will testify, beauty is a timeless thing and the desire to drive and admire E-Types has not waned during the car’s existence.

The place to go for those who want to own one of these brilliant cars is the UK’s number one restorer of Jaguar E-Types, New Forest Classic Cars.

Whitehouse Cox partners with New Forest Classic Cars to produce handcrafted E-Type Luggage

Renowned for their period knowledge and meticulous attention to detail, New Forest Classic Cars restore and enhance E-Types completely in-house at their Beaulieu HQ. The company also elects to use many of the original processes favoured by Jaguar themselves whilst improving on traditional methods with modern processes.

Designed and crafted in England, New Forest Classic Cars’ E-Types share a striking similarity with Whitehouse Cox’s own products, which are exclusively handmade to the most exceptional standard in our Walsall factory.

So we were delighted to partner with New Forest Classic Cars to produce limited edition E-Type luggage that pays due reverence to the history of the magnificent British car.

The partnership marks an all-English affair celebrating classic design sensibilities and superior quality craftsmanship.

There would be few things smarter than arriving in your E-Type before retrieving this beautifully crafted luggage from the boot.

The special collection includes:


  1. Fixed Head Coupe– 3 x Large Soft Bags, 1 x Soft Medium Bag & 2 x Suit Carriers
  2. Drop Head Coupe– 2 x Shaped Boot Soft Bags, 1 x Soft Medium Bag & 2 Suit Carriers

For more information, please visit New Forest Classic Cars’ website or call them on 01590 610929.

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