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It’s time to prepare for autumn and in our determination to aid you on your journey towards fashion enlightenment we asked six experts to share the trends that will dominate the season.

It’s not even September yet, I hear you collectively groan.

Admittedly, it can seem a little premature to be talking about autumn fashion trends when summer is still in full swing.

What we know, however, is that once the season is upon us, it’s too late. In other words, the fashionable need to be preparing for autumn long before the leaves fall off the trees and the sky darkens.

With that in mind, we decided to bring in some seriously fashionable experts to help guide your fashion choices over the next few weeks.

From what colours you should opt for this autumn to the style of your clothing and accessories, this guide covers everything you need to know as the days grow colder.

Autumn is coming, but thanks to Whitehouse Cox you are very much prepared.

Autumn Fashion Trends For Gentlemen

Aidan Gill, Aidan Gill For Men As Featured In Esquire & GQ

Aidan Gill discusses the autumn fashion trends for gentlemen 2017Suits, waistcoats, and higher waisted trousers

The re-emergence of the suit: “The ‘lumberjack look’ may be popular in many circles, but the suit is built to last. Just as Bryan Ferry and Robert Palmer brought it back following the punk era in the ’80s, the classic suit will always be in style.”

Trousers are going up: “You’ll see a lot more high-waisted pants, reminiscent of Spanish bullfighters.”

Waist not, want not: “Waistcoats will be increasingly visible, as more men are pairing vests with jeans, with or without a blazer.”

Also, the male romper is a fad that is likely to end up as a ‘GQ regrets’ sidebar.

Rashima Sonson shares the Autumn fashion trends for gentlemen 2017 Classic With A Pinch of Personality

Men are reverting to classic/timeless apparel styles yet incorporating conversational luxe accessories. They will be gravitating towards accessories such as neckwear (bow ties, scarves), pocket squares, bags and shoes that will enhance their individuality, confidence and make their look Instagram worthy—it’s all about the eye catching details (embossing, embellishments, hand painted, etc.)! We have seen the gradual increase of luxe fabrics and prints (fine silk, leather, African prints etc.)  in accessories on social media like dew. Athlete’s such as Conor McGregor and Entrepreneur’s like Gianluca Vacchi, are just a few that are leading men to this emerging trend in Fall 2017. Luxe accessories are bringing attention to men’s masculinity like a curated exhibition with a bit of je ne sais quoi!  From Firenze Pitti Uomo street style to Louis Vuitton X Supreme collaboration, I am definitely here for all of it and so should you be!

Marc Steisand of Marc Allen fine clothiers discusses the hottest Gentlemen's autumn fashion trendsSuits & Turtlenecks

In terms of outerwear, the quilted jacket will be at the forefront this fall, as well as bombers, quilting in cashmere coats and even car coats.

In terms of layering pieces, I’m anxiously awaiting the return of the turtleneck, which I believe is one of the best items of men’s clothing as it is a tremendous layering piece that looks good on its own and even better under a blazer or suit. Turtlenecks will also be popular in myriad fabrics, from cotton to cashmere.

In terms of trousers, the wider leg trouser and trousers with pleats are coming back far too soon.

Additional trends include the resurgence of the “dreaded 80s.” Specifically, oversized clothing, whether it’s in the form of a t-shirt or a sweater, will be returning to the forefront, accompanied by large prints and silk shirts.

This fall’s sneak attack will be men’s suiting. Suits will be making a strong comeback in daring cuts and will reveal more graphic t-shirts underneath as layering pieces paired with sneakers. While I’ll acknowledge that this is not my favorite look, as with all trends, it is one that is sure to come and go in the fast moving world of fashion.

Kipper Clothing give their take on Autumn's gentlemen's fashion trendsAutumnal Colour Palette

As we turn to Fall and Winter of 2017 we will see a cooling off of colors down to a natural palette; greens, browns, and yellows, to reflect the colors of the changing leaves. Heavy flannel or tweed sports coats paired with a chino or pair of jeans will be the way to go.

The colour of the season for weddings was a brighter burgundy, and we are going to see this trend continue through the Fall. It will, however, transition into a darker eggplant colour.

Another trend that I hope to see this Fall is the beginning of a looser, less tapered leg in both formal and casual suiting. The boxier silhouette in the jacket will allow for the layering necessities of fall.

Aasit Thakkar discusses the autumn fashion trends for gentlemen 2017Sustainability & Fashion

Fall 2017 is about sustainability. From organic wool to hemp fashion (innovated by the brand HoodLamb), menswear is emerging with cool weather alternatives for the style-conscious man (who typically shop for pieces with narrative + style, over strictly style).

Benjamin from Hone Style discusses the hottest gentlemens autumn fashion trendsQuilt Style Jackets

Quilt style jackets are back in a big way for this fall. At the July Men’s Fashion Week event in NYC we even saw the full quilted look being pulled out! Whether it was ballooning or slim fit, quilted apparel covered models head-to-toe this year. For men looking to round out their 2017 Fall wardrobe, I recommend experimenting with a simple black or gray quilted jacket or vest such as Patagonia’s Nano Puff line. Cozy, stylish, water resistant, and versatile this is the perfect jacket men should be wearing to this Fall.

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