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The Whitehouse Cox Journal recently had the pleasure of interviewing fashion and style blogger Carelia Brown, who is a firm believer that women can dress fun at any age!

Carelia’s fashion blog, My Small Wardrobe, was born out of the idea that women have the ability to dress fun despite their wardrobe size, age, or body type.

Later, Carelia created the Instagram account, my_small_wardrobe, where over ten thousand avid fans follow her incredibly vibrant and beautifully stylish posts.

Whilst inspiring her readers with gorgeously put together outfits Carelia also offers expert style advice, from accessories to workware, Carelia does it all!

Carry on reading to discover Carelia’s thoughts on social media, fashion trends, and the environmental effects of ‘fast fashion’.

My Small Wardrobe Carelia Brown

Tell us a bit about yourself…

My name is Carelia Brown. I’m the mother and friend of two grown-up boys (29 and 22 y/o) and and I married to my best friend, Brad. I’m originally from Honduras, but I moved to the United States (North Carolina) 22 years ago.

How long have you been blogging about fashion and what inspired you to start?

I started blogging in 2012 as a hobby. I like fun fashion and I also like classic style. I have a small wardrobe compared to many bloggers, but I take advantage of every single piece I own. This is the reason why I started blogging in the first place; to inspire women how to dress fun owning a small wardrobe.

Who is your biggest fashion icon (dead or alive!)?

My grandmother, Esmeralda. She was the best dressed lady at church and in the neighborhood. She had a very small wardrobe – in fact, it was a wooden armoire. Everything inside that armoire was the best she could afford and extremely versatile. She enhanced her looks very strategically with fun accessories and great shoes.

What is your current fashion obsession?

All my Christian Louboutin shoes were and are my obsession. Right now I’m having a lots of fun with my red Pigalle pumps and my pom pom heels. I definitely love how they inject boldness to my looks.

Carelia My Small Wardrobe

We love the aesthetic of your Instagram page! How do you keep your content fresh and exciting?

Thank you very much! All start with a genuine smile, which can do much more than a pretty outfit. I strive for an original IG feed, because being yourself is the best way to keep your feed fresh.

Here in the UK, the environmental impact of “fast fashion” has recently been brought to light, do you own any vintage pieces that withstand the comings and goings of trends?

Absolutely! About a 40% of my wardrobe is vintage, including bags and accessories. I do love more contemporary shoes, they bring a fresher look to my vintage garments. I do not care much about super trendy fashion or fast fashion. Every day, I’m striving to obtain items with great quality, longevity and sustainability. I don’t have a 100% sustainable wardrobe, which is very hard to do, however, I’m paying more attention to it by considering how an item was made before purchasing it.

You are an advocate of teaching women to dress fun, how do you achieve this in your everyday style?

Having great foundational pieces is a great start. Then, adding fun shoes and accessories can transform an outfit from being basic and boring to bold and fabulous. You don’t have to have a huge wardrobe to dress fun, however, you must work on having a creative imagination in order to put your accessories to work.

Carelia My Small Wardrobe

We seem to live in a world that’s reliant on social media, do you think this is impacting self confidence in women?

Yes and no. I often see women feeling no joy after their small achievements because they are constantly comparing themselves to other women in media that has bigger accomplishments …whether this is even true or not, those images of people doing all sort of magical things in their life can bring insecurity to others. So it’s important to know our own value and recognize that media is only media and shouldn’t dictate the path or our lives.
Now, on the other hand, media can be a positive thing when we focus on learning from the good experiences of others and not competing and comparing. This is when media can become a good pal to have in our journey.

What’s your no.1 fashion tip for women who want to dress fun?

Don’t be afraid on tying in new things. One small new style in your wardrobe can completely change the dynamic of your entire wardrobe..think of a colorful coat or a graceful hat.

Other than fashion, what’s one of your main passions in life?

I love fitness and classic black and white cinema. I have a rowing machine in my workout room. I row everyday and do P90X workout routines..these are great for strength!

What is your favourite product from our range?

The 24” Mountbatten Holdall bag. I love overnight road trips and bags like these can come extremely handy.

You are originally from Honduras but currently reside in North Carolina, have you visited any other countries that you would consider moving to?

I did travel a lot when I was younger and actually that’s advice I give to my kids. I’ve visited countries in Central and South America and also France. I honestly LOVE living in the United States and I don’t have plans to live somewhere else. In fact, all my traveling these days is in within USA, because there are so many beautiful places in this country that are in my travel wishlist. One example is, I can’t wait to see Montana, specifically the Yellowstone Park and Glacier Park areas.

Have you got one fashion accessory you can’t live without?

Classic pumps.

What is one thing that your readers would be surprised to learn about you?

I’ve been married three times, but the third is the charm…crossing my fingers 😉

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

More smiley faces and classic looks infused with a touch of fun.



Thank you to Carelia for this wonderful interview, we look forward to reading your latest posts on

P.S. Don’t forget to check out Carelia on Instagram!

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