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Having long been admirers of Riddle Magazine, the Whitehouse Cox team were delighted to host the publication’s Creative Director, Andy Barnham, for a tour of the factory. Read on to discover more about Andy’s visit and to read his subsequent article A Leather Soul.

The desire for the finest quality runs throughout the DNA of Whitehouse Cox as the Walsall leather firm continues to produce beautiful items that will truly stand the test of time.” – Andy Barnham, Riddle Magazine

Whitehouse Cox recently hosted Riddle Magazine’s Creative Director Andy Barnham for a factory tour. During the trip, Andy took the opportunity to explore the finer details of how Whitehouse Cox handcraft luxury leather goods using traditional methods and spent time with the brand’s Directors to discover more about the history and heritage behind the brand.

A worker in Whitehouse Cox's Walsall (England) Factory
Credit: Andy Barnham Photography

After his tour, Andy also tried his hand at finishing a Whitehouse Cox wallet.


 “The desire for the best possible quality runs throughout the DNA of Whitehouse Cox; every process on an item’s work order is signed by the employee responsible.” – A Leather Soul, Andy Barnham


Each wallet passes through the hands of seven workers before reaching completion, a complex process utilising traditional methods but one that is necessary to ensure each Whitehouse Cox wallet is utterly perfect in form, function and durability, before leaving the factory and finding its way into your pocket.

A worker in Whitehouse Cox's Walsall (England) Factory
Credit: Andy Barnham Photography

You can watch Andy’s attempt at completing the wallet in the video below, which also features him receiving the finished item courtesy of Whitehouse Cox Director, Lucy Duffing!

It was a pleasure to host Andy and we hope he enjoys his wallet and belt, which should last him for the next decade at least!

As a result of his visit, Andy wrote a wonderful article for Riddle Magazine which is well worth reading. The photographs in the article were taken by Andy during his visit!

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