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Whitehouse Cox takes a look at the best places for gentlemen to find fashion inspiration from online – whatever your age.

Where do you draw fashion inspiration from?

Perhaps it’s from the glossy pages of magazines, celebrities on television or your peers and colleagues. Wherever you find it, it’s best to have an array of eclectic sources to call on when it comes to fashion advice.

Fashion advice can be found everywhere, the hard part is finding good advice and good advice for you personally.

After all, there’s no one size fits all approach – fashion advice that works for a twenty-year-old might not readily relate to a man in his forties or even one in his thirties.

One medium that is particularly catching our eye at present is blogging. Bloggers have the ability to react faster to changing trends than other more rigid publications and the best bit is that bloggers often specialise in a niche, which often relates to a specific age group.

That ensures, when you find a blogger who truly caters to you personally, you will find their advice highly applicable each time they produce a new blog.

To give you a few examples, this list provides something for every man. We feel each of the bloggers listed here is the best in their given niche and we want to help you on your journey to becoming an enlightened and supremely stylish gentleman – apologies if you already are, please start a blog we can follow!

From the Grey Fox Blog, which caters for older gentlemen to the all-encompassing virtues of Permanent Style, there is something for everyone in this list.

The Best Men’s Fashion Bloggers For Any Age

For the Older (Wiser) Gent – The Grey Fox Blog

David Evans of the grey fox blog is an inspirational fashion icon for the older gentleman

The older generation is often overlooked in favour of the zeal of youth when it comes to fashion.

But once a fashionista always a fashionista.

David Evans runs the Grey Fox Blog with the aim of offering style advice to the older generation and David proves that older means wiser when it comes to sartorial choices.

His blogs are articulate and detailed, offering exceptional advice for older gentlemen. Ignore him at your peril!

For the twenties – Dapper Chapper

Adam Tanous of The Dapper Chapper

Founded by Adam Tanous, Dapper Chapper covers lifestyle, events, grooming and style for gentlemen. The focus is a slightly younger audience but they offer the kind of mature style advice that will help elevate any gentlemen. twenty

The advice is particularly compelling for twenty-year-olds, with Dapper Chapper’s wisdom invaluable to dressing well, whether for work or social occasions.

We particularly liked Dapper Chapper writer Alex Noble’s guide to dressing for Henley Royal Regatta. Which we took onboard before our trip to the prestigious event last week!

Alex’s advice on blazers for the Regatta holds true for any summer occasion:

“Whether you’re leading with colour or pattern, make sure you get the material right first! Although there’s much truth in British summer lasting a single day, it still gets rather hot, and due to you not being allowed to undo that top button or remove your jacket, unless the head steward does so… Linen is the correct answer here.” – Alex Noble, Dapper Chapper

For the thirties – Matthew Zorpas, The Gentleman Blogger

Can I be your plus one?

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You’ve found your sense of style but want to refine it further still, Matthew Zorpas is the man to read up on.

Devilishly stylish and chic, Matthew provides advice that men of any age would do well to be mindful of but it holds particularly true to those enjoying their thirties.

Forties – Silver Londoner

Keith Summers is the Silver Londoner and he delivers stylish advice for men in their forties.

Keith’s style, as with all the bloggers on this list, does transcend the age group he targets but it’s still particularly pertinent for gentlemen in their forties.

In his forties himself, Keith provides regular updates on everything from dressing up to the nines in smart suits to relaxed, casual looks and everything in-between. Well worth a read for those in their forties!

Any age – Permanent Style

Fashion Bloggers For Every Age - Simon Crompton Permanent Style
Simon Crompton, Founder of Permanent Style. Credit: Garcon Jon

Many of these bloggers offer style advice that will hold true at any age.  The Grey Fox Blog’s teachings for the older gentleman would hold true to a man at any point in his life.

That said, some blogs do seem to tread the fine line and cater to everyone and nobody does this better than the aptly named Permanent Style.

The brainchild of Simon Crompton, Permanent Style is a refreshingly candid take on gentlemen’s style. The blog produces timeless advice time and again, which is perhaps the reason behind the publication’s huge following.

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