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The Whitehouse Cox team speaks to three style gurus to discern what constitutes the perfect gentlemen’s wallet.

What constitutes the ultimate gentlemen’s wallet?

Does it have bold or muted colours? Is it big or small? How many pockets does it have? What is it made from? Bulky or thin?

So many questions and the answers are always unique, depending on which gentlemen you are asking.

After all, there is no one size fits all approach.

Different gentlemen will favour different styles, sizes, functions, materials and colours for their wallet. Their preference might even change depending on the season or occasion.

Yet there are certain elements every great wallet will incorporate, such as the use of brilliant materials and an ability to endure.

At Whitehouse Cox, we pride ourselves using only the finest materials when handcrafting our wallets in England. Championing refined design sensibilities, we believe the items produced in our Walsall factory are some of the finest in the world.

So you can see what we believe constitutes a great gentlemen’s wallet by taking a look around this website.

Still, we felt it prudent to get the opinion of style experts as to what they believe constitutes the ultimate gentlemen’s wallet.

Without further ado, discover their answers below.

Do you agree with their thoughts?

great gentlemens wallet

Patrick Kenger on what makes a great gentlemen's wallet for Whitehouse Cox1. It should be timeless. Bold colors come in and out of style. A simple black or brown leather wallet will stand the test of time and you’ll never look silly.


2. It should be understated. A guy with a “loud” wallet is asking everyone around him to pay attention as he pays. A gentleman is discrete when he pays for items. It shouldn’t be a production.


3. It should be minimal/small. The problem that I have with large, overstuffed wallets is that it ruins the silhouette of your clothing. A big brick stretching the back pocket of your pants draws attention, rather than creating a seamless look. I like the minimal style card holders. It will make your clothing look better and force you to only carry around what’s important.


4. It should be well constructed. Go for patent leather. Part of the beauty of a natural leather is that it not only looks and feels great, but it will age well over time.

Scott Amyx on what makes a great gentlemen's walletFashionable men wear fitted pants and suits, which means the last thing they want to see is a big bulge in the back of their pants or jacket.

Men’s wallets range from basic billfold and tri-fold, sports wallet, travel wallet, money clipper to super slim wallet. You have to be careful with tri-fold and wallets with multiple compartments. It’s too tempting to stuff too many credit cards, cash and coins in. I suggest a minimalist approach with one or two credit cards, ATM card and $20 bills (to avoid carrying change from a $100 bill or greater). Aluminum indestructible wallets may sound tempting for ego-driven men but it’s not super practical …

High-quality leather, of course, is always preferred except in the case a man prefers a steel look.

Color is also critical. If you tend to wear a brown belt and oxblood or brown shoes, I recommend a similar tone. Or better yet, have a couple of different colors to match with the style of the day.

Carmine Gastropierro on the perfect gentlemen's walletThe perfect gentlemen’s wallet is one that blends an elegant design with all of the essentials. It should be slim and a size that easily slips into your pockets. Too many compartments, zippers, etc will just bulk it up unnecessarily. Card slots, an ID holder, and space for cash is all you need. The ideal wallet will also have strong but fine stitching to improve its durability.

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