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Discover a candid inspection of the inner workings at Whitehouse Cox’s Walsall Factory in this article.

Whitehouse Cox has handmade leather goods in England since 1875 and while we would love to return to the 19th century to discover what it was like, we will have to make do with recent shots taken in the new factory.

Whitehouse Cox originated in Walsall, where it still remains to this day albeit in a flash new factory. Opened by Michael Palin, the spiritual home of Walsall is an important part of the Whitehouse Cox DNA as many of our employees have lived and worked in the town for decades.

In the case of Tony Thompson, decades have become half a century, as the Whitehouse Cox stalwart celebrated 50 years at the company in 2017.

Tony’s achievement is extraordinary and one which demonstrates the family spirit of Whitehouse Cox, not to mention the pride we all take in producing luxury leather goods of a truly superior quality.

Therefore, alongside the photo shoots featuring the Grey Fox Blog and beautiful models, we felt it was important to show the process a Whitehouse Cox item takes before reaching completion.

As we’ve mentioned many times on this blog, some items will pass through the hands of over seven workers before reaching completion, couple this with the traditional tools and intricate processes used in the creation of a Whitehouse Cox item and our latest photo shoot makes for incredibly interesting viewing.

It’s the kind of behind the scenes reveal that few luxury brands will provide but, then again, few can claim to still be handmade in their country of origin to this day. Fewer still can claim to oversee the whole process, from manufacturing the item to selling it.

So take a look at the factory that creates your beautiful Whitehouse Cox items. To discover more you may like to read about the brand’s philosophy and history.

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