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Discover the top London fashion exhibitions for Spring 2018 that are unmissable for any lover of art and style.

When it comes to fashion events in London, we are often spoilt for choice.

No matter what time of year, there is always something of interest going on and Spring is no different.

To help you start to fill in this year’s calendar with dates you simply cannot miss, we have put together some of our favourite up-coming events in the world of fashion.

T-Shirt: Cult, Culture, Subversion (Now)

Running until 6th May, this exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum has already gathered a lot of attention from those in the fashion world.

Exploring how the simplicity of the t-shirt has been used to make political and social stands by designers, 200 t-shirts from notable designers such as Vivienne Westwood are up on display.

Discover, too, how band t-shirts have become a staple in our society and delve into the world of the designer tee.

Westwood t-shirts at London fashion exhibition Spring 2018
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London Super Trunk Show (7th April)

This Spring, London welcomes back the Super Trunk Show, a celebration of classic, luxury footwear from around the world.

Featuring established brands such as Mario Bemer and Norman Vilalta, if you are a fan of traditional shoemaking, this will certainly be up your street.

There are also shoe-shining and shoe-making championships going on which add a little competitive spirit to the day!

Oxford brogues at London fashion exhibition spring 2018

Fashioned from Nature (21st April)

Opening this April at the Victoria and Albert Museum is an exhibition that combines the world of nature and fashion, exploring how the two are interlinked.

Running with the idea that art imitates life, Fashioned from Nature brings garments that will be shown alongside natural history specimens, encouraging the audience to consider the origins of garments and the impact we have on our environment.

Azzedine Alaïa: The Couturier (10th May)

The Design Museum welcomes a highly anticipated exhibition this May, celebrating the work of Azzedine Alaïa in the first ever solo show of his work in Britain.

Before his death in 2017, Alaïa help to conjure up the exhibition, aiding in its curation.

With 60 garments chosen by the designer himself, explore the work and life of this rebellious artist who stunned the world with his talent.

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