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When you dress like a gentleman, you feel like a gentleman. Read our style tips to brush up on your smart style today and show the world the kind of man you want to be. 

A true gentleman is classed as such due to a number of factors.

From the words he speaks to the mannerisms he displays and, without a doubt, his style.

What you wear should be an extension of yourself, so as a gentleman you should be conscious of the style etiquette you follow.

To help you refine yours, here is the Whitehouse Cox guide to gentlemen’s style.

Simple Style, Maximum Quality

First of all, understand that less is more.

It’s better to have a simple suit that is crafted to the utmost standard of quality than a cheap, extravagant outfit.

You can make a statement with your style, so long as it is done with class, and quality is never compromised.

Gentlemen's guide to style etiquette

A Good Wallet

Every gentleman should own a stylish wallet made from quality leather.

This is a piece you will be using daily and can last for many years if you look after it properly, so it pays to invest.

“Dressing the part and then going to pay for lunch and pulling out a cheap-looking, shabby wallet puts a crack in your image” – Stephen Cox

Beuatiful wallet

A Tailored Staple

If you want to dress like a gentleman 24/7, incorporate at least one tailored item into every outfit you wear.

Whether this is a pair of smart trousers or a coat, make sure it is fitted to your figure and you’ll look effortlessly smart.

Invest in good tailoring and your style will take care of itself!

Lead the Way

A gentleman should never fear standing out from the crowd.

By this, we mean you should never be worried about ‘over-dressing’.

Embrace your smart style and watch as the people around you respond to it.

Trouser Fit

A well-fitting, tailored pair of suit trousers is a must for every gentleman’s wardrobe.

Make sure yours are neither too loose and long nor too skinny and short.

The gentlemen's style etiquette guide

Button Rules

The way you should button your suit is dependent on your jacket style.

Here is everything you need to know for single-breasted suits:

  • One-button suit: Always buttoned.
  • Two-button suit: Top button always fastened, whilst the bottom button remains unfastened.
  • Three-button suit: Top button is optional, the middle button should be fastened and the bottom button should never be fastened.

Leather Care

A gentleman will often have many leather goods in his wardrobe, from shoes to wallets.

It is important this leather is properly protected, cleaner and cared for.

Scuffed leather certainly does not make for a stylish look!

Invest in Accessories

A quality outfit is nothing without the right accessories.

Invest in a few pieces including cufflinks, a watch, a tie, a belt and a pocket square that are both stylish and expertly-crafted.

Style etiquette

The Oxford Shoe

For a classic, British look, a gentleman cannot go wrong with an Oxford brogue.

A pair in black for smart occasions and brown for more informal events will see you through.

Cashmere Clothing

For dress-down days when you may not be wearing a suit, you should have a collection of fine, cashmere jumpers.

These are both stylish, comfortable and smart.

If you are looking for some smart wardrobe staples that every gentleman should own, browse through the Whitehouse Cox collection.


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