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Whitehouse Cox suggests three travel accessories to help the luxury traveller arrive in style. Perfect present ideas for the jetsetters in your life.

There’s nothing better than arriving in style. Whether you fly into a beachside resort via seaplane, take a helicopter to an Alpine retreat or roll into an uber luxurious city hotel in a Phantom.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, when you step out of your transportation you had better look the part too. There’s power dressing and then there’s scruffiness, let’s make sure you fall into the former category.

You wouldn’t want to glide into the Ritz or any hotel for that matter with luggage that looked its best when Escoffier first opened the grand hotel.

Instead, you might want to showcase the sort of classic British design sensibilities that Whitehouse Cox so earnestly champions, with clean and elegant designs that will look at home in the most stylish establishments.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to round-up three travel accessories which boast both style and function to help the luxury traveller make each journey an all-round success.

A Mountbatten Holdall

The Mountbatten Holdall is the height of sophistication.

It’s practical and stylish, which might be the reason why we can count the likes of Michael Palin and David Attenborough among the discerning group who own a Mountbatten.

Available in large or medium, the Mountbatten is handcrafted in England in cotton canvas and bridle leather trim.

The result is a truly durable bag that will weather the storm of frequent travel with aplomb, ensuring you will arrive in style no matter how tumultuous your journey has been.

Discover the Whitehouse Cox Mountbatten here.

Mountbatten Holdall, the perfect bag for Valentine's Day

The Zip Round Travel Wallet

Just as you want to arrive in style by stepping out of your transport with a stylish Mountbatten slung across your shoulder, you also want to make sure the contents of your bag are exactly where they should be.

That, most importantly, includes your most crucial documents such as your passport and there are few accessories better placed to protect it than the Zip Round Travel Wallet.

As well as space for your passport, this practical wallet also boasts five credit card pockets, a zip coin section and a flap pocket – plenty of space for your most important items.

With a nickel zip courtesy of the esteemed Riri company keeping the travel wallet tight-lipped, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your assets aren’t going anywhere.

The best part is how truly elegant this accessory is.

The Whitehouse Cox zip round travel wallet - the perfect accessory for the discerning luxury traveller
The Whitehouse Cox zip round travel wallet - the perfect accessory for the discerning luxury traveller

Small Coin Purse Pass Case

OK, so the Small Coin Purse Pass Case isn’t part of our travel collection but it would be an incredibly handy accessory to have abroad anyway.


Mainly because it’s smaller than the Zip Round Travel Wallet, so if you wanted a nifty way to store cards and coins, then it would be useful to have the Small Coin Purse Pass Case with you.

Just think, if you were visiting London, where better to store your train ticket or credit card (for a quick way to pay) than the clear window that the purse boasts.

The great thing is that you will have plenty of room for your other items too, because although it’s smaller in size, the purse has been designed to utilise everything it’s got.

Perfect accessories for luxury travellers- the Whitehouse Cox Small Coin Purse Pass Case
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