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Whitehouse Cox recently welcomed videographers into its Walsall factory to capture the making of a Bridle Leather Clutch Purse.

People often ask about the process behind making a Whitehouse Cox item.

In the past, the answers given have been confined to text and photographs. So in a bid to give you a real feeling of the love and care which is involved in the crafting of each item, the Whitehouse Cox team decided to film the ‘making of’ process.

Whitehouse Cox items will pass through the hands of seven to eight experienced workers before reaching completion. Each stage in the process involves a different skill and as the item takes a journey through the factory it gradually becomes the refined final item you will have the pleasure of opening.

The meticulous attention to detail in this process ensures perfection. It means Whitehouse Cox items will endure for 9-12 years with daily use and become your most dependable accessory.

So, without further ado, discover how we do it in the video below.

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