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Sir David Attenborough is truly one of Britain’s National Treasures.

Ninety-one years young, Attenborough is one of the greatest chroniclers of the natural world and his documentaries have inspired people across the globe by opening our eyes to the world around us.

The format of modern nature films owe much to him and among his credits are undoubtedly some of the genres finest productions. Most recently these have included Life (2009), Frozen Planet (2011), Africa (2013), Life Story (2014), and last year The Hunt and Great Barrier Reef.

After receiving a letter of thanks from Sir David for gifting him a Whitehouse Cox Mountbatten Holdall, we decided to reach out to ask him a few simple questions. From his views on climate change and his favourite place on earth to his most cherished series and anecdote, discover Sir David Attenborough’s answers below.

Whitehouse Cox talks to Sir David Attenborough

The most recent series focussed heavily on the consequences of climate change. What do you feel needs to be done to combat the problem?

Climate change is an extremely serious issue which can only be solved by intervention agreements. So we must urge our political leaders to support action.

What is your favourite series?

My favourite series is Life on Earth because it pioneered this format.

Sir David Attenborough

Where is your favourite place on earth?

My favourite place on earth is Richmond, Surrey.


Is there a career moment you are particularly fond of?

My favourite anecdote, or at least the one I am compelled to relate most frequently – is my encounter with mountain gorillas in Rwanda.

Sir David Attenborough

With thanks to Sir David Attenborough.

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