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A lot has changed since 1875.

The last century and a half witnessed political, economic and social upheaval on a scale the world had never seen before.

Yet Whitehouse Cox has survived and prospered through it all, even playing its part in some of modern history’s most crucial events during the brand’s one hundred and forty two year history.

Luxury leather goods handmade in England since 1875

The Beginning

At its inception, Whitehouse Cox was a small family business focused on manufacturing equestrian equipment.

Stirrups, bits and buckles were all produced in the company’s foundry. It was Whitehouse Cox’s ability to produce such products to a truly exacting standard that led the British army to enlist the brand to craft equestrian equipment for both the first and second world wars.

That included crafting stirrups saddles, saddle bags, cases for field phones and many other specialist products requested by the Ministry of Defence.

Of course, after the Second World War, such items were in surplus supply prompting Whitehouse Cox to leave its equestrian roots in search of pastures new.

Natural leather made by hand in England

Cultivating a Luxury Lifestyle

With its ability to make leather goods of the highest standard, Whitehouse Cox was a natural fit for the luxury industry. Moving away from equestrian items and diversifying the product range saw Whitehouse Cox begin to produce all manner of small leather goods, from writing cases, stationary sets and stud boxes to shaving sets and dog collars. These were highly desirable items to discerning purchasers of the day.

The Swinging Seventies & Ralph Lauren

Cultural changes abounded in the 1970’s and fashion came to the forefront of popular culture more than ever. New brands and designers were capturing the imagination of the time, creating luxury lifestyle brands producing products of superb quality.

One such designer, the now iconic Ralph Lauren, purchased a Whitehouse Cox dog collar and lead from Harrods during the seventies. Impressed by the quality and craftsmanship the products displayed, Lauren sought out the Whitehouse Cox factory and enquired about a collaboration.

This led to Whitehouse Cox producing Ralph Lauren’s first ever leather belt, the Polo Ralph Lauren Brass Plaque belt. It quickly became Ralph Lauren’s best-selling style and the company built a belt collection which depended on Whitehouse Cox’s expertise to produce.

red bridle leather purse

Producing for Whitehouse Cox, The Brand

After working with numerous, acclaimed international designer brands, Whitehouse Cox decided to begin producing its own line of products.

Despite changes in the types of product produced over the years, one thing has remained the same since 1875. Namely, that Whitehouse Cox continues to be an exceptional specialist in Bridle Leather; many of the brand’s products are hand-crafted from this material to this very day.

In this way, many of the products Whitehouse Cox crafts today pay due reverence to the brand’s rich heritage by utilising the same materials which were used in 1875 to create exquisite equestrian items.

Now, our timeless designs captivate a global and highly discerning modern clientele who crave belts, bags, wallets, key holders and other small luxury leather items of the highest order.

handmade in england luxury leather goods for gentleman's fashion

The Modern Era – Still One Hundred Percent British

We live in an age where HP Sauce is manufactured in Hamburg, London buses, the Dorchester, Harrods and the Savoy are all operated by foreign companies. The majority of your favourite ‘British’ fashion brands are almost all undoubtedly manufactured abroad, for the sake of higher profit margins.

This has never been an option for Whitehouse Cox, we are a truly British brand and our products are one hundred percent handmade in England.

This makes us quintessentially British, with a global appeal.

Whitehouse Cox truly British luxury leather goods with a global appeal

Celebrity Endorsements

Keeping our manufacturing within England when others have migrated elsewhere has made Whitehouse Cox a popular brand among some of Britain’s biggest names.

Amongst them, we are proud to include Michael Palin as a Whitehouse Cox fan. Michael commissioned a bespoke bag for his television series and opened our newly extended factory recently.

Now, we are proud to officially collaborate with Michael on the Michael Palin Explorer Bag, a holdall which features the actor’s signature engraved in leather.

After correspondence with the great Sir David Attenborough, we were also happy to celebrate his 90th Birthday by making an Explorer Bag for his travels.

A letter from Sir David Attenborough to Whitehouse Cox
A letter from Sir David Attenborough to Whitehouse Cox, 2017

Onwards & Upwards

Thank you for supporting Whitehouse Cox. Without your support manufacturing beautifully crafted luxury leather goods in the traditional British way would not be possible.

If you have any questions about our products please do not hesitate to get in touch. To keep up with our latest news and products feel free to subscribe to the Whitehouse Cox Newsletter below.

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