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Whitehouse Cox takes a look at the best places for ladies to find fashion inspiration online – whatever their age.

“Fashion changes, but style endures.” – Coco Chanel

Which one are you – stylish or fashionable?

Far too often people use the terms fashion and style interchangeably. However, they are not to be confused.

With fashion, it’s about what is trending today, what is being featured in magazines, on TV and on the fashion runways. Fashion is very versatile, trends tend to go out of fashion by the next year, season, or even the following week.

Style, on the other hand, reflects your personality and creates a sense of identity. Everytime you dress, you are asserting a part of who you are.

Thanks to the world of fashion blogging, we’ve said goodbye to the long wait for print magazines or photo releases from designers. Fashion bloggers are regular people who take new trends and develop it into their own style. The best fashion blogs don’t just give you great style advice, they give you inspiration.

Whether you’re struggling to update your wardrobe, or need fashion inspiration for your next event, we’ve gathered some of the most stylish ladies of all ages, who are taking over fashion-blogging right now.

From Simpson House, the inspirational over forties fashionista, to the 25 year old fashion blogger, JosieLDN, there’s something for everyone in this list.

Read on to gain a collection of personal style gurus that will last you a lifetime.

The Best Women’s Fashion Bloggers For Every Age Group

For the Older (Wiser) Lady – Ven’s Wife Style

Wherever you prefer to source your style inspiration, it seems that in the world of fashion blogging the younger crowd significantly outnumber ladies of a certain age.

Although the segment of over 50 fashion bloggers is small, it’s certainly prestigious.

Renia Jaz is the fashionista behind Vens Wife Style, believing “fashion is limitless, and regardless of our age we should have as much fun with fashion as we want”.

The attention to detail in her blogs and exceptionally diversified style advice satisfies sophisticated ladies all over the world.

Forties – Simpson House

A post shared by Helen ( on

Shropshire based Helen covers style, lifestyle and interiors through her Instagram profile, Simpson House.

The countrywoman illustrates an impressive collection of stunning blouses, striking accessories, beautiful knitted jumpers, and the occasional appearance of Henry the chocolate labrador. Helen truly knows how to piece together layers ready for the unpredictable English weather.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a daytime country stroll or a trip to the city, Helen’s collection of outfits are sure to offer inspiration for anyone in their forties.

Thirties – EJ Style

Founded by Emma Hill, EJ Style offers refreshing and timeless fashion and lifestyle advice in every article, which is perhaps the reason behind the blog’s huge following.

By offering a kind of mature style advice, EJ Style is the go-to destination for any fashion-conscious lady in her thirties.

Twenties – Fashion Mumblr

Josie Fear is the editor and brainbox behind London-based blog, Fashion Mumblr.

By incorporating a feminine and classic style with chic and romantic details in her blog, Josie encourages young ladies across the globe to attain their own form of self expression and elevate everyday lives.

We adore Josie’s immaculate sense of style and beautifully curated Instagram feed, one you won’t want to miss.

Many of these bloggers offer style advice that will hold true at any age.

That said, some blogs do seem to tread the fine line and cater to everyone and nobody does this better than Hannah Crosskey.

For Any Age – A Fashion Fix

Hannah Crosskey, the fashionista behind the blog – A Fashion Fix, is an all-rounder in the fashion world.

With a background in personal shopping, Hannah is effortly stylish and even admits her outfits are normally unplanned.

From smart-casual to business attire, you will find an eclectic array of inspiration for your entire wardrobe.

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