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Struggling to buy the perfect gift for the happy couple? Maybe you need inspiration for favours to present to your wedding party?

In honour of the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just around the corner, we’ve noted down some genius wedding gift ideas fit for royalty.

The wedding season is here.

At Whitehouse Cox, we believe the perfect gift has to be reflective, timeless, and personal.

If you want to avoid giving mundane gifts from the nonsensical wish list, then please read on.

Whether you’re the bride, groom, best man, or grandmother, the run up to the big day can be demanding.

In this article, we’ve confined some of the most compassionate gifts guaranteed to put a huge, wholehearted smile on the face of anyone lucky enough to receive them.

Gifts for the wedding party

It’s coming up to the big day and you haven’t yet found the perfect gift for your wedding entourage.

A small gift for your wedding party is true wedding etiquette; but there’s always those individuals you feel deserve some extra appreciation.

We have the most quintessential gift ideas that will certainly ensure your nearest and dearest are forever reminiscing about your special day.

The Whitehouse Cox Key Ring

This contemporary piece will undeniably result in a radiant smile from the recipient, one that will last for many years.

They will love the luxury feel of this hand-crafted key ring, and it comes in various colours to suit your guest.

This Whitehouse Cox key ring is not only a compassionate gift, but also one that will stand the test of time.

The Loomes & Co Watch

This collection of entirely British-made watches demonstrate true elegance, personality, and durability, which will undoubtedly impress your guests.

The Loomes Watch’ is one of our favourites; every component in this watch is designed and made in-house.

The touch of gold, sturdy leather band and hand blued hands certainly shout luxury and style.

These stunning watches are unquestionably a future-proof option, and one that will satisfy any true lady or gentleman.

Wedding gifts for the Bride & Groom

Your wedding attire was organised months ago, but you are yet to lay your eyes on that impeccable gift for the bride and groom.

If you want to bypass the gift list and go for something that strikes perfection, keep reading.

We understand that no twenty-first century wedding is simple, which is why we have gathered the most ingenious ideas that will combine practicality with joyful memories.

The Travel Wallet

Found in both our ladies and gentlemen collections, the travel wallet’s voguish appearance is definitely worth boasting about.

While being a thoughtful gift, it’s perfect for holiday enthusiasts or simply a graceful item to partner with the upcoming honeymoon.

This elegant and versatile accessory is durable and certainly a reliable choice for the happy couple.

Travel Wallet

The process of planning a wedding can be testing for any bride and groom, which is why we think you will love this next idea.

The Whitehouse Cox Holdall

This beautifully stylish and sophisticated holdall will certainly encourage the wedded pair to keep the romance alive.

Both practical & robust, it’s definitely is the ideal companion for a romantic weekend getaway.

The pair will be superbly co-ordinated, as they are available in both our ladies and gentlemen collections.

Whitehouse Cox British Made Ladies Accessories Ladies Photo Shoot

Purse and Wallet

Matching accessories are both thoughtful and practical gifts for a stylish bride and groom.

Our elegant purses and wallets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours to complement the couple’s persona.

Discover how thoughtful gifting a Whitehouse Cox item is by watching the process behind the making of our Bridle Leather Clutch Purse.

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