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Whitehouse Cox interview the Chinese Italian multimedia artist and model, Yi Zhou. The Shanghai-born entrepreneur is loved by luxury brands for her integrative approach. Read on as we probe into the mind of this admirable artist.

Since studying in the UK, Yi Zhou has gone on to collaborate with the likes of Chanel, endorsed global campaigns for brands such as Levi’s and founded the creative strategy digital production company, ‘YiZhouStudio’.

In this interview, Yi Zhou takes a step out from her busy schedule to cover everything from her artistic inspirations, future plans and how she became the artist she is today.

Ladies Fashion Entrepreneur Yi Zhou

You have enjoyed a very international upbringing, how has it shaped you as an artist?

All experiences form us and give us new neurological paths and habits. My mind is a togetherness of all the cities in which I’ve lived in. However, I’m always updating my system and growing to create new paths in my brain, as a challenge to our own persona and to set new goals.

You work across a number of artistic mediums from contemporary to traditional, do you have a favourite?

I look forward to making my first feature film at the moment. I see all mediums as a way to express our creativity in a challenging way. I don’t get influenced by the medium, but I choose the medium based on what I wish to express.

Which of your work are you most proud of?

All works are equally dear to me, as they represent a challenge at some point in time. I would not eliminate any, not even the mistakes, as they help us move forward and work harder.

Yi Zhou Ladies Fashion

Where do you draw inspiration from?

My travels and the people whom I encounter during them, as well as books, articles, fabrics and methods.

You studied in England, how did the country impact your art?

I attended university in the UK at the London School of Economics, so I have a very good memory of my time there.  I like the freedom that we feel while walking on the streets of London. I have also many UK friends who inspire my artwork.

What inspired your recent move from China to LA?

I wish to accomplish more work in the entertainment world at this stage of my life, therefore, Los Angeles is perfect, as it has all the facilities and people (agents, actors and crew). All is basically just for logistic reasons.

What are you working on right now?

I’m about to launch my first lifestyle brand “Global Intuition” and my first feature film titled “Stars and Scars.”

What does the future hold for Yi Zhou?

I hope to be able to inspire others to be able to create their own path and not follow others.

On a personal note, I also wish to be accomplished as a wife and mother, in addition to my professional career.

A big thank you to Yi Zhou for a fascinating interview. To uncover more about this remarkable artist, click here.

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