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Product Philosophy

All of our leathers are natural vegetable tanned leathers and are specially finished by hand. Our leather comes mainly from England and where possible we try to source our other components from UK companies.

What makes Whitehouse Cox stand out from other brands is our commitment to source only the very best quality raw materials and combine these with the hand-crafted manufacturing skills of our workforce, refined through 140 years’ experience. Generations of passion and our drive for perfection have kept Whitehouse Cox at the forefront of ‘Hand-Made in England’ production.

Our natural Bridle leather is a sensuous material which is both appealing to the touch and pleasing to the eye. We have this produced especially for us in England. With continued use and love the leather ages and combines both luxury and functionality giving a long-lasting beautiful item. A truly hand-crafted ‘Made in England’ product.

Here at Whitehouse Cox we combine the best of everything – the best leather, the best components and the skills of the best craftsmen and women to produce the highest quality leather goods. We pride ourselves on doing things here uniquely; we only want to produce the best.

Whitehouse Cox luxury leather goods handmade in England since 1875

Sometimes we are asked how long one of our products will last. We can say an average of 9-10 years of daily use and we have seen many of our products become more meaningful as they take on the characteristics of the owner’s lifestyle, ageing gracefully, burnishing and darkening in colour over the years. Each customer that buys from Whitehouse Cox is a valued customer, we stand by the quality of our products and we are always pleased to receive comments.

There is an increasing demand for our products because of the fine quality and the time-consuming hand work involved in every Whitehouse Cox item. Our collection and the processes used to make it are timeless and many years ago it was said of a luxury product “that the quality will be appreciated long after the price is forgotten”. This holds true today. Proudly Handmade in England since 1875.